Welcome to Ann's Aqua World

Ann’s Aqua World offers swimming lessons suitable for individuals of all ages, including adults, starting from infants aged 6 months and older. Our comprehensive classes are scheduled from Mondays through Thursdays, with additional sessions available every Saturday.
At Ann’s Aqua World, we emphasize a gentle teaching approach, ensuring that no participant is coerced underwater, and each swimmer progresses at their own pace.

Our diverse programs cater to various age groups and skill levels, featuring baby and parent swimming lessons, as well as adult classes and indoor stroking classes. We provide access to a well-maintained indoor heated pool and offer safe parking facilities for our guests.

Our instructors are highly qualified, certified by SA Swim, The Professional Baby Swimming Association, and The Professional Swim Coaches & Teachers Association.

Ann’s Aqua World is proud to serve creches, nursery schools, school groups, and aftercare programs, providing tailored swimming experiences. Additionally, we offer a convenient pick-up service for preschools in our local area, ensuring accessibility for all interested participants.

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