Owner & Director of Ann's Aqua World - Annalise Van Burick

Annalise Van Burick is the visionary founder and dedicated director of Ann's Aqua World, a renowned institution in aquatic education. With a passion for water safety and education, Annalise established the school 28 years ago with a clear mission: to empower parents and new swimmers with life-saving skills in and around the pool.

Annalise's journey into the world of swimming began at the age of 7, igniting a lifelong commitment to promoting water safety and enjoyment. Her personal experiences shape her belief in nurturing swimmers' confidence and abilities without resorting to forceful submersion techniques.

Under Annalise's leadership, Ann's Aqua World has grown into a trusted community resource, offering comprehensive swimming programs that blend safety, technique, and a love for swimming. Her hands-on approach and dedication to each swimmer's progress have earned her respect and admiration among peers and families alike.

Beyond her role at the school, Annalise is actively involved in promoting water safety initiatives regionally and nationally. She regularly collaborates with local authorities and organizations to raise awareness about drowning prevention and the importance of early swim education.

Annalise Van Burick continues to inspire and educate through her unwavering commitment to water safety and her belief that everyone, regardless of age or ability, can enjoy the water safely and confidently.